Friday, 22 September 2017

Faith In Nature

For today's post I am going to be showing you some products from Faith In Nature. I have been using these products now for a few weeks and after putting them to the test, it's time to let you know what I thought!

Let's start with the brand. Faith In Nature is an online brand that focuses on selling all natural products. The whole brand begun in New York, by one girl who loved natural ingredients and wanted to create beautiful products. All of their products are cruelty free and vegan and if you know me well, this was the biggest thing that sold it for me! Their brand focuses on doing good for the planet and using natural ingredients to create the products! They also do all natural pet care products too! This is also another thing that stood out to me for sure.

'In business, we believe in making decisions that put our people and our environment first. That means manufacturing locally, treating people as we’d want to be treated, and being as green as we can in everything we do.'

Are you already convinced without even hearing about the products yet? Let me tell you that this isn't too good to be true, the products that I have received are bloody amazing too. 

First we have the Coconut Shampoo and Conditioner. Let me start off with the packaging because I am obsessed. I love the imagery and simplicity about the design. It definitely fits in well with nature and I love the colours. It lets you know that it's cruelty free and vegan on the packaging too! The shampoo is a really great texture and lathers up so well. Some shampoos don't work well for me and my hair can become greasy in a day or two. But not this leaves my hair looking clean and lasts longer than a lot of shampoos that I have used. It leaves it looking shiny and healthy which I am loving! The conditioner is also a really great consistansy and works wonders! I apply this to the ends of my hair and leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing off. It makes my hair so much easier to brush, leaves it feeling super soft and amazing! These two producst smell so so nice, I'm so happy that I have the coconut one! I am loving using these two at the minute for my hair care, a dream combination for sure. 

The final two products that I wanted to talk about is the Rejuvenating Facial Wash and the Purifying Cleansing Lotion. I was so happy to test these out as I have been looking for a new brand to try for skincare! These two products together have really helped to clear up my skin in just two weeks. I was having trouble with breakouts a few weeks ago, but now I feel like it's all just about gone! I do believe that using natural products works wonders for the skin. These products are in small bottles with a pusher on top which allows you to easily access the product. The consistany of both the products feels very light and weightless. It easily glides across your face and sinks into the skin really beautifully. For an everyday purpose these two products are perfect. I would say that once a week you might want to use a more intense product, but as part of an everyday basic skincare routine, you can't go wrong with these!

So that's all I have to show you today! I am really really ahppy with these 4 products. The haircare is my favourite find at the minute for sure! The skincare has helped clear up my skin so I'm feeling a lot more like myself again. It's such a great thing that the products are beautiful but on top of that, the brand is incredible too. The beliefts and decsions that the brand has chosen to do inspires me. Looking after the earth as well as ourselves is so important and they really have taken this onboard. The fact that every product is creulty free and vegan is going to be a big hit for a lot of you guys! I feel like this brand is also so affordable! To say that every single ingrediant is natual, I'm impressed with the prices. I will leave links below of where you can go and check them out! 

Kellie xx

Faith In Nature


Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Celebrity Style Icon Series: Perrie Edwards

Celebrity Style Icon Series is back! It's been so so long since I last did one of these posts so I do apologise. I know that so many people loved these posts so I had to bring it back. For this post I am kicking it off with the one and only Perrie Edwards. Perrie has ALWAYS been a fashion icon to me and I am obsessed with her style. She is the ultimate girl crush and I love her style. If you don't follow her on Instagram you are missing out! Today I am going to show you 10 looks of Perrie's that I'm currently loving and discussing all about fashion!

Image from Perrie Edwards Instagram

1. All the Khaki dreams

As you may or may not know, I love wearing Khaki! I think that it has really become popular over the last year and Perrie defiantly knows how to wear it! This dress is something that I NEED to own. Not just want...need! It's figure fitting, very flattering and has a small amount of detail. I love the simplicity of this dress but it still makes a statement. I love the length and I love her hair in this image too! A outfit which is to die for!

Image from Pinterest

2. Music Video Goddess

I'm not the only one who agrees that Perrie always looks incredible in the Little Mix Music videos! I always love any look in the videos but Perrie's look in Shout Out To My Ex was amazing! The pink dress was so beautiful. I loved the shape and detailing on the top. It looked so good alongside the pink hair! Every time I see a picture of Perrie's hair in this video, it makes me want to dye my hair pink! This style of outfit is something that I would 100% wear myself. The makeup look was something everyone was talking about too!

Image from Pinterest

3. The Perfect Street Style

As Perrie is so well know, there is a lot of pictures of her on an everyday basis, going out for a meal or a night out! So we do get to see a LOT of Perrie's outfits which I love seeing. This outfit in particular has always been one of my favourites. It's very simple but looks amazing. The White flowy dress is a great length and I love how it comes in at the waist. The sleeves and detailing on the rim of the dress is what I love about it! Perrie has paired the dress with these long sandals which are a nude colour. I don't feel like I could ever pull off shoes like this but of course Perrie can! 

Image from Pinterest

4. Red Carpet Goals

I always get excited to see Little Mix's red carpet looks as they are always the gals people are talking about! They always kill any red carpet event and together they always look so fierce and beautiful! I really loved Perries red carpet look for the Brit Awards 2016. She wore White trousers with a delicate bralet. She then wore a lace dress over the top of this which allowed you to see the layering underneath. This outfit was again, quite simple but looked incredible! I love the style of the outfit and I love how she has done something different other than wearing a usual red carpet dress.

Image from Perrie Edwards Instagram 

5. The perfect Instagram

Perrie Edwards always posts the best pictures on Instagram. Her whole Instagram page is the best and one that I always love going to for inspiration. I love how she always posts some of her favourite outfits and beauty looks too. This one in particular is one of my most recent favourites! The hair has volume, curls and I just adore the colour! Her makeup look is probably my favourite thing about this picture. Perrie's eyebrows have always been something I have been very jealous of, don't you agree? The eye-shadow, flawless base and nude lipstick just make the perfect combination. The outfit it something I would love to wear and looks amazing to bring everything together!

Image from Pinterest 

6. On Stage Beauty

If you love and follow Little Mix, then you will know that they are known for their on stage outfits. They never fail to amaze me with every show and I just adore their on stage outfits. They honestly look so good and promote girl power every single time. Whether it's for a tour, a small show or an on screen performance, they will always always always have a killer outfit! I love how they are always matching but each have their own individual twist on the outfit. This stage outfit for Perrie is one of my favs! I always love when she wears Black knee high boots as I love boots a lot! The black outfit is to die for. The design, style and blue! If I ever had to wear a stage outfit, this would be the one!

Image from Pinterest

7. Festival Vibes

We all know that Perrie rocks a music festival look, but I had to mention her look from this years V Festival. I must say that Perrie has been wearing her hair in french plaits a lot lately, and I'm totally ok with this! I don't think anyone can pull it off as good as Perrie! The glitter has of course got to be something included in this post. How amazing does it look! I love this detail so much. Who doesn't love a lot of glitter? The khaki bralet has lots of little details included and I love the design. Paired with an over-sized denim, jacket and Black trousers, this outfit is a winner for me.

Image from Perrie Edwards Instagram

8. Casual Chic

Although I do love Perries glam looks and event looks...I'm still pretty obsessed with her casual outfits too. I love the Jumper dresses paired with trainers in this picture. Especially if the outfit is all black too! It's a very simple and easy look but one that I am obsessed with! I wish I had more chance to wear this kind of outfit but it's far too cold and I don't think I'm cool enough to pull it off! But Perrie on the other hand, can 100% pull off an outfit like this...just look at the picture!

Image from Perrie Edwatds Instagram

9. Boho Queen

This one is probably the most important one as Boho style is my thinggg. And who other than to rock the Boho look than Perrie Edwards. It's her thing! There were so so many Boho looks of Perrie's that I could of shown you but I decided to go with a very recent one from the Power video! I feel like this whole outfit just defines a Boho Queen. Lot's of jewels, pretty bralet, boots, colour, glitter and long wavy hair! I just think that she looks amazing in this outfit and is body goals for sure! I wish it was acceptable to wear an outfit like this on an everyday basis but I don't think we'd get away with it!

Image from Perrie Edwards Instagram

10. Hair goals

Of course I couldn't write a Celebrity Style Icon piece without having one part just about the hair! I've always admired Perrie's hair ever since the beginning. She has had so many different styles and colours and I'm not going to lie, I've wanted every single one. But her hair recently has been so so good! This image from Perries Instagram is crazy! The hair is beautiful. The colour, length, style, EVERYTHING! It's very boho inspired and I love the one plait running down the side. If I could have any hairstyle, this would be the one for sure. I will always look to Perrie for hair inspiration.

So that's it for today's post. I hope that you guys are happy that my Celebrity Style Icon Series is back! I've missed writing these posts for sure. If there is anyone in particular that you would like to see featured in these posts then please let me know, it can be a actress, singer, blogger...anyone! If you want to share your Instagram or fashion posts with me for a chance to be featured then just let me know! I am more than happy to give you guys the chance to be on this series. I will be back again very soon with another post! 

Kellie xx

Perrie Edwards: 


Friday, 15 September 2017

Things I've Learnt As A Blogger

Today I wanted to write a post all about my experience blogging as I reached a milestone a few days ago that I NEVER thought I'd ever reach! I can proudly say that I hit 50,000 views on my blog and I'm so so happy. I know some people may be able to reach this in a week or doesn't see it as a big deal, but to me, it's so exciting and an achievement I'm really proud of! So in honor of this, I have decided to write a blog post all about thing's I've learnt as a blogger...enjoy!

1. The community is everything 

One of the main and most important things that I have learnt is that the blogging community is just the best. Yes there are some negative parts of the community but to me, this is a very small minority and something I don't choose to get involved in! Let's face it, the blogging community is HUGE and I love this! Some people see this as a bad thing but I don't at all...we are so so powerful and can achieve so much! I love the messages that bloggers choose to share and I just love the opportunities bloggers can now get! I feel so proud if any blogger, big or small, achieves or gets to be involved in something incredible. I feel like a hell of a lot of bloggers support every other blogger and I love this! I do think it's so important to show support to one another and comment when you love someone's post or picture...because 9 times out of ten, it took a lot of hard work to upload it! Another thing that I love about the blogging community is that you can make so many friends, online or offline, just like that! Whether you talk to them on Twitter, meet at events or are now best friends because of blogging, it's all just so amazing and I am so happy to be apart of the community!

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